Life After The WCG: A Spirital Pilgrimage of an Independent Believer


“Is this another jive, Felix?!!!” No. I kid you not. Thanks to former WCG member and now Messianic Believer Robert Taylor (my spiritual brother, not my physical brother by the same name) discovered this group on the internet. This particular group, The Church of God (Jerusalem Acres) existed waaay before The Radio/Worldwide Church of God began in 1933  (they begain in 1903) and is not a direct descendant from the Church of God (Seventh Day). They are in fact a Pentecostal Holiness denomination. While I am not too much into Pentecostal-charismatic faiths and positively, firmly, definately NOT into holiness standards or movements, groups like these do sometimes tickle my fancy but more importantly I think I have the hunch that though they may be very conservative, out of it they seem like a truly and sincerely, a clean and family friendly organization—waaay far more (make that millions of miles more!) than the historic Worldwide Church…

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