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Decades ago a man named Herbert W. Armstrong predicted that a German-led European superstate would rise at the end of the age. Since then many things have happened and the scoffers have abounded through the years and the changes. Yet, here we are and what do we find as the US is in decline? And, yes, Mr. Armstrong also predicted the decline and fall of the US and UK. Notice this article by

“Ten nations” plus Germany

A Spanish newspaper reported, “Gathered around Germany, ten nations have formed the ‘Berlin Club’ to revive the European project” (, March 21, 2012).

At a meeting in Berlin, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle invited nations considered “the most Europhile” to discuss how to “revive the ideal of a united Europe… stabilize growth and the euro… as well as border controls… [and reopen] the discussion on the need for…

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