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The Messiah is not invited to the “peace process” that will make people of all faith united around the future of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Prayer Banquet, to be held in New York City next month and feature former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as a guest speaker, promises to offer attendees a new perspective on the importance of Jerusalem for people of all faiths.

The event was organized by Eagles’ Wings, a global mission community with a network of supporters in Germany and Jerusalem founded by its executive director Dr. Robert Stearns.

 “First of all, I hope that people will realize that people of every background – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, agnostic, people of every background who believe in human rights and human freedoms, [will] find themselves linked together in the question of Jerusalem’s future. I am hopeful that will be a new perspective for some,” said Stearns.

Source: Christian Post


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