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Germany monitors conservative Muslims’ holy book giveaway; ‘Campaign is form of aggressive proselytizing,’ authorities say‬‬.

The Salafist Muslim movement in Germany has launched a campaign to distribute 25 million Korans in the European country, the BBC reported Wednesday.

The initiative is monitored by a branch of the German security service in case it violates constitutional rules on religious freedom.


My comment:

The problem with letting Millions of Muslims into Europe, is that you do not easily get them to leave.

Muslims have always risen to power using the freedom of speech to termite all freedoms, and enforce Sharia laws.  Many naive people do not understand the evil they are dealing with, before they face the sword and public beheading.

Spain was lost in 711 A.D. The Iberian peninsula was not liberated before 1492 A.D, men Muslims were defeated in Andalusia.

During the heights of the Ottoman Empire, the…

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