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A German court ruled that a pastor will continue to be able to describe a film about Israel-Palestinian conflict as anti-Semitic.

A German regional court in the state of Bavaria covering the cities of Nürnberg-Fürth ruled on Friday that a pastor will continue to be able to describe a film about the Israel-Palestinian conflict as anti-Semitic.

The pastor argued the film contributes to strengthening the neo-Nazi scene and anti-Semitism in the federal republic, according to a report in the local Nordbayern newspaper.

The Nordbayern reported that the court affirmed that the pastor’s criticism is protected by freedom of speech. The pastor accused the film by Stefanie Landgraf of anti-Semitism because of comparisons between the Jewish state an Nazi Germany. The film is titled, “We refuse to be enemies.”

It compares a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank with the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. In addition to the alleged…

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