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The Vicar of Christ resigned, and left the Vatican in a helicopter.  Soon Rome will have two Popes.

Amid rising scandals of “inappropriate acts”, Pope Benedict XVI formally ceased his papacy today, becoming the first pope in 600 years to resign.

He left the Vatican on an Italian government helicopter for Castel Gandolfo to his retirement at a summer residence used by popes for centuries.

My comment:

Jesus left His Office, by ascending into the clouds while his students looked on. In the same way, He will return. Not to the Vatican or Rome, but to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

The Pope, or whatsoever created being, will have to be airlifted to Jerusalem. So no man who believe what is written in the Bible, will fall into the trap of worshiping the man who will land on the Mount of Olives using…..a helicopter.

 Acts 1:11
 ‘Men of Galilee,’…

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