Former Ambassador College in Pasadena: Part One

Mid-Century Mundane

A much lesser known but incredibly interesting site for modern aficionados is the former Ambassador College campus in Pasadena. It was originally a college campus for Worldwide Church of God, a major religious group that at one point had more than 100,000 followers worldwide. The beautiful campus is filled with both modern gems and older structures among immaculately landscaped gardens. In 1995, with the church going through financial difficulties, some of the property was sold to Harvest Rock Church, other parts to Maranatha High School while the remainder is vacant.

The property closest to the intersection of S. Orange Grove Boulevard and W. Green Street holds two buildings from 1966-67, the Fine Arts and Science halls, both designed by Peter J. Holdstock and surrounded by fountains and lush plantings as well as a larger mansion rented out for events. These buildings unfortunately are empty, still owned by Ambassador College and…

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