Zombie ministers: How some abuse the dead

Thoughts En Route

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite pictures of Mr. Herbert Armstrong. One day some folks are going to have to answer to Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Ogwyn, Mr. McNair, and others for what they have done with their good names since their deaths.

There is a tendency out there amongst some that I find very frustrating, but I’m learning to be more balanced about it. It’s the tendency of those who wish to go their own way in the COGiverse to abuse the dead in their own cause.

Energetic, unstoppable zombies have become all the rage in movies and literature these days, but the classic zombie was supposed to be something quite different: The body of someone who had died but which is reanimated by a practitioner of some “dark arts” to serve as a sort of lumbering, mindless slave to support the dark one’s evil purposes. The convenient dictionary.com entry on zombie reads: “the body of a dead person given the…

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